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Oceanside Police Officers to be Recognized for Rescues

Oceanside CA– At the City Council meeting tomorrow, October 15, 2014, Oceanside Police officers Nick Nunez and Michael Sabino will be recognized for their actions in rescuing two people in an incident at the Oceanside Pier.

On August 30, the two officers responded to an incident in which two people were drowning on the north side of the pier. A group of teens and young adults decided to swim in the surf and two were unable to handle the current. The two ended up on the north side of the pier, trying to hold onto the pylons. Fishermen from above threw a rope down to the male and a lobster basket down to the female. When police arrived, the waves were taking both victims under water.

When Officers Nunez and Sabino arrived, Officer Sabino had to maneuver the boat in the high surf while Officer Nunez jumped in the water. Nick Nunez swam about 50 yards to the male and pulled him back to the boat. Officer Sabino maintained control of the boat and kept the victim on the boat while Officer Nunez jumped back into the water and swam about 75 yards to the female.

Nunez decided it would be easier to swim the victim to shore. Sabino waited for Nunez to get to a safe place and then he headed back to the Harbor dock with the male victim. Officer Nunez swam about another 75 yards to shore with the female and she was treated by medics and released at the scene.

Medics treated the male at the Harbor dock and he was transported to Tri-City Medical Center for treatment.

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