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Notes and Quotes by Tom Morrow

October 30, 2014

by Tom Morrow

If you haven’t already done so, be sure and vote next Tuesday, otherwise you don’t have any right to grouse about what bugs you about what our government is doing – or not doing. I can’t remember a mid-term election that has been as important as this one. If you’re wondering if things could get any worse on the national scene – yeah, it can if you don’t take part in our most precious right. Have your vote count!

SHORT SHRIFT – Have you ever notice how anything San Diego, (other than chamber of commerce and tourism pleas) get short shrift in the media, especially television? It’s seems that mentioning too many positive attributes of the Chargers and the Padres will cause sore throats.

Taking it a step further, how ‘bout TV drama settings. Las Vegas has “CSI,” Seattle has “Grey Anatomy,” “New Orleans, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles has NCIS. New York, naturally, has a bevy of programs; Chicago has “Mike & Molly,” and there’s those two lady cops who do chase bad guys in Boston.

TV REMEDIES — Now that the political season is nearly over, I’m noticing a great percentage of the TV commercials involve one drug or another – and what you shouldn’t take it for fear of all sorts of maladies.

I never realized how many maladies we are afflicted with in our society.

Growing up I don’t remember people having erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol, or sleep deprivation – apnea. I suppose if I had COPD I’d know what that was and shouldn’t be making light of it. Some of those TV remedies for various feminine problems offer more information than us guys really need. Can you imagine 15 to 20 years ago seeing a bevy of TV commercials promoting feminine hygiene protection.

But, thank goodness doctors have found all these cures and we have television to tell us about them – even though taking some of these remedies are worse than the disease and you need to stop.
So, be sure to “ask your doctor if ‘such-and-such’ is right for you.”

PUN FUN – How ‘bout this groaner: She was only the gardener’s daughter, but she knew where to plant her two lips.


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