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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate, Kashkari Visits Oceanside

Oceanside CA— On the eve of election day, Republican candidate for Governor, Neel Kashkari and GOP Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate Ron Nehring stopped by the Oceanside Republican Headquarters – North County, to thank supporters for their efforts and boost the election efforts of local GOP candidates Gary Felien, Jerry Kern and Rocky Chavez.

Both candidates were optimistic about today’s election results, not just for their individual offices but the chances of the GOP breaking the Democrat super majority in Sacramento and the GOP’s chances of gaining seats in national races. “If we pick up fifteen seats in the House, we will have more Republicans in the House of Representatives than anytime since 1928” said Ron Nehring.

“Here in California, all the Republicans, state-wide, are underdogs, we know that.” continued Nehring “But in recent weeks, the polls are really tightening up.”


GOP Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate Ron Nehring speaking at Republican Headquarters- North County in Oceanside

Nehring believes Democrats will have trouble getting their voters to turnout for the mid-term elections. “It’s a completely different voter environment than when Neel [Kashkari] and I signed up to run.” continued Nehring “Federal issues have really swamped a lot of the local issues. People are concerned about the national response to ISIS, Ebola, the way the economy is growing, jobs and even if the government can work at all.”

You can hear the GOP Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate’s remarks in their entirety here:


Republican candidate for Governor, Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari began his remarks noting his underdog status. “We are in a tough fight but I’m really fired up.” said Kashkari. Some polls have Kashkari trailing incumbent Governor Brown by as many as 21 points.

“We are at 28% registered Republicans [in California] so our numbers have been declining.” continued the GOP candidate ” but 2.5 million absentee ballots have been submitted. Do you know what percentage of those are Republican?…. 38%. We are swinging way above our weight.” Kashkari believes the reason for the swing is Republican voter enthusiasm “to make big changes in California and Washington D.C..”

Kashkari believes if the trend continues and the Republican base remains fired up “We are going to shock some people and break that super majority in the assembly, we’re going to break it in the Senate and we are going to close that gap.”

Kashkari went on “All my work, everything I’m doing is to help Republicans around the state and to send Jerry Brown back to Oakland.” Kashkari said when people hear the message that “we care” the people don’t care what party you are from. “They just care that we care.”

“We just want to give everybody in this country a fair chance, an equal chance to succeed.”
You can here Kashkari’s remarks in their entirety below along with a brief question and answer session.

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