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Call for Dancers at Tierra Caliente Academy of Arts

Escondido CA— Join Tierra Caliente Academy of Arts. Call for dancers – CONVOCATORIA!!!

(Ends November 30th)
Age 16+ – No experience necessary
Two levels:
1. Base: Beginner/Intermediate
2. Production: Advanced

BF Tierra Caliente was founded in 2005 by Jose Jaimes to create cultural awareness through comprehensive artistic education that fosters excellence in all forms of the visual and performing arts. Advance knowledge, promote creativity and discipline, develop leadership and outreach to communities, especially under-privileged families.

Foster artistic excellence through development of programs that meet quality and educational expectations. As well as to inspire those we serve through the arts to realize their full potential and be a positive influence in the community.

  • Create strategic plans to structure consistency within the established programs and create new programs that meet Visual and Performing Arts standards.
  • Promote health and fitness components within dance programs.
  • Embrace partnerships on a local level to educate and positively impact our communities.
  • Enhance the cultural and aesthetic experience through quality productions, programs, workshops and presentations.

For more infoformation email info@bftcdance.org.

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