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Oceanside Police Warn of Red Light Camera Ticket Payment Scam

Oceanside CA— The Oceanside Police Department has received calls today from several parties wanting information regarding payment of red light camera tickets.

The reporting parties today have related a scenario similar to the following: After answering the phone, the caller identifies himself as Lieutenant Woods of the Oceanside Police Department.

The male caller then tells the person that he or she has failed to appear on multiple red light camera violations and he or she needs to pay the fines immediately. The caller then directs the person to local stores where they can purchase green dot cards to pay the fines.

This is a scam!

Although the Oceanside Police Department does have a red light camera enforcement program, the department does not initiate calls to violators. Nor does the department attempt to collect fines in this manner. If this were a true incident and the person had called the police department, the person would be directed either to go to court and pay the fine there or mail the fine payment to the courthouse. Additionally, there is no Lieutenant Woods in the employ of the Oceanside Police Department.

If members of the public have been taken advantage of in this manner, please call your local police/sheriff department to report this crime. The Oceanside Police Department non emergency number is (760) 435-4900

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