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College Courses Offered at Carlsbad’s Sage Creek High School

Oceanside CA— Area high-school students and other community members will be pleased to learn that MiraCosta College offers evening classes at Carlsbad’s Sage Creek High School. These classes are available to high-school students sophomore-level or higher, as well as the general public.

This spring, MiraCosta will hold seven college-level, transferable courses at Sage Creek that fulfill core requirements:

ART 157—Art Orientation (3 units)

(#2843) Wed 6–8:50 p.m., Room 3203

BIO 101—General Biology (3 units)

(#2436) Thurs 5:30–9:20 p.m., Room 3204

COMM 101—Public Speaking (3 units)

(#2589) Tues 6–8:50 p.m., Room 3204

ENGL 100—Composition & Reading (4 units)

(#2634) Tues/Thurs 6–7:55 p.m., Room 3205

FILM 101—Introduction to Film (3 units)

(#2561) Tues 5:30–8:20 p.m., Room 3202

MATH 64—Intermediate Algebra (4 units)

(#3035) Mon/Wed 5:30–7:25 p.m., Room 3202

SPAN 101—Elementary Spanish (First Semester) (4 units)

(#2878) Tues/Thurs 6–8:20 p.m., Room 3203

High-school students who complete MiraCosta College courses will benefit from a “twofer”—credits may count toward their high school diploma as well as their college transcript. Also, MiraCosta College has waived the enrollment fee (currently $46 per unit) for all concurrently enrolled high school students.

High-school students interested in taking college classes at Sage Creek High School or at any of MiraCosta College’s locations, should speak with their high school counselor, and will need to submit a Concurrent Enrollment Permit signed by their high-school principal and parent. This form may be printed from the college website at miracosta.edu/forms.

Spring classes begin January 20. For more information on enrollment procedures at MiraCosta College, contact the MiraCosta Admissions & Records Office at 760.795.6620.

Sage Creek High School is located 3900 Cannon Road in Carlsbad.

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