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Oceanside High Academy of Justice Class Visits OPD

Oceanside CA— Today, November 19 2014, the Oceanside Police Department hosted a visit to the department from the Academy of Justice class at Oceanside High School. Thirty six students made the visit and were given a tour of the facility by officers in the Neighborhood Policing Team. The NPT is composed of six officers, one Community Safety Officer and one police sergeant.

The students met with Chief of Police Frank McCoy, who addressed their group. They visited various areas of the police department including the booking area, dispatch, investigations, and forensics. They were able to see officers carrying out their duties. They were exposed to a variety of issues and topics in the law enforcement world.

The Academy of Justice program is a four year program at Oceanside High. The first three years are class room centered and have several field trips. The program is double pronged. It imparts practical skills to the students and is aimed at helping at-risk teens learn to make good decisions. Of the students involved in the program 98% graduate from high school. The director of the program is Chandra Faist.

Guest speakers are a major part of the program. The students hear from a variety of people who share their insights as well as demonstrate their skills. This year they have heard from motorcycle officers, SWAT officers, canine officers, a judge, and an attorney. In addition to visiting the Oceanside Police Department, the students have visited the County Medical Examiner’s Office and Donovan State Prison. The year will be capped with a visit to Disneyland where they will receive a behind the scenes security tour.

This is only one of several ways the Oceanside Police Department partners with the Oceanside Unified School District by investing in the young people of our community.

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