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Local Watchmaker Turns to Kickstarter with Unique Timepiece

Oceanside CA— TIUS is a unique new American watch brand, born from a sense of pride and connection, with a goal to provide a unique new series of watches that combine classic style, quality, and functionality with a special representation of America.
Whether at home in the USA or overseas, a TIUS timepiece is a way to keep a small part of the country close to you, as a subtle display of pride and connection.

TIUS is sourcing and combining soil from each of the 50 United States and displaying it in the hollow crown of each TIUS watch, so you can carry a symbolic part of the USA with you no matter where you are or where you travel.

TIUS is also creating an option with sand from Hawaii, to offer another option that is equally unique.

skyliner_dive_black_soilCreated by Sean Kettley, a Californian living in Hawaii, his friend Laura Gonzales from Hawaii and her partner Will Birks, an Australian designer who for the past couple of years has split his time between the U.S and Australia, the idea sparked during a dinner conversation almost a year ago. They knew the idea had potential but also knew they had no way of being able to afford to manufacture a production run of watches. With Will’s background in product and graphic design, they had the necessary skills and contacts to make TIUS happen but not the funds, and so they turned their attention to Kickstarter. They hope America will get behind the concept of TIUS and help it become a reality.

TIUS launched Nov 4 on Kickstarter, the campaign runs until Dec 5 with the aim of crowd funding a first ever production run of the watches. KIckstarter link : http://kck.st/10T53rd

Each watch style is designed to be a modern classic, made with high quality watch movements, components and materials for durability and longevity, and are shockproof, and 660 ft/ 200M waterproof.
Anticipated retail prices will be $230 for the Trailblazer and $320 for the Skyliner, which is extremely good value for the quality of these watches.
Right now TIUS has received prototype samples, which were sourced through an agreement with an expert contact experienced in sourcing and manufacturing of high quality luxury watches, and the samples are easily good enough to allow the next stage in the development to be the first production run.

The Kickstarter campaign launched with the aim of funding production of the first two TIUS models, named the Skyliner, and the Trailblazer. Rewards on Kickstarter will primarily be in the form of Limited First Edition watches, available for prices discounted from anticipated retail costs, with special customized versions and sets also available.
If the campaign is successfully funded, next steps will be to sell online and in retail stores, and grow the range to include more designs and feature different materials in the crown, with the aim of growing TIUS to become a premier American watch brand.
For more information about Tius watches, visit their website [Link], Email info@tiuswatches.com Facebook/tiuswatches Instagram @tiuswatches Twitter @tiuswatches

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