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(Photo courtesy: Sheri Crummer)

Scholastic Surf Series Results, November 23

Division 3, 4 and 5 High School

Oceanside CA— San Diego High School Div 3 and 4 competed in their second event of the season at San Fernando Place in Mission Beach and once again scored 3 to 5 foot waves with good conditions. The high tide presented some pretty clean waves in the morning and early afternoon only to have the tide drain out for the finals.

Austin Pardi from Westview was in tune with the day and took his first win of the season in Mens Shortboard. Pardi is defending the title he won last season.

Gabe Del Castillo from San Marcos won the Mens Longboard Division while his teammates dominated the Mens Shortboard final with 3 surfers in the final. Mackenzie Davey of Cathedral Catholic took her first win of the season in Womens Shortboard while Cathedral Catholic took the Womens Longboard Division with their three women surfers in the final and Hana McEvilly with back to back wins.

Carsten Lester from University City scored his second win of the season in the Bodyboard Division. In Division 4 Marshall Bowles from Grauer took the win in Mens Shortboard while Jakue Aguerre from Bishops took back to back wins in Mens Longboard. Nicholas Campagna from Mission Bay also scored back to back wins in the 2 events in Bodyboard.

Thank you to all the sponsors who make this Scholastic Surf Series season possible. For more info about the SSS, please contact Sue Lister, Admin Director, at 760-518-2727 / info@surfsss.org, or Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director, 760-439-0863 / carolnoceanside@cs.com. You can also check our website at www.surfsss.org for a current schedule of all SSS events in California.

Team Results Division 3

Westview 67                          def       Santa Fe Christian 60

San Marcos 82                       def       University City 54

Cathedral Catholic 67            Tie       Woodrow Wilson 67

Individual Results – Division 3

Mens Shortboard

  1. Austin Pardi, Westview
  2. Nick Holdman, Westview
  3. Austin Baird, San Marcos
  4. Cyrus Butler, San Marcos
  5. Trent Halgren, San Marcos
  6. Gavin Doan, Cathedral Catholic

Mens Longboard

  1. Gabe Del Castillo, San Marcos
  2. Garrett Fields, Woodrow Wilson
  3. Carsten Lester, University City
  4. Austin Pardi, Westview
  5. Cole Virgilio, Westview
  6. Jack Costello San Marcos

Womens Shortboard

  1. Mackenzie Davey, Cathedral Catholic
  2. Maya Saulino, San Marcos
  3. Hana McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
  4. Clara Steinhauer, University City
  5. Kaliana Ashkarian, San Marcos
  6. Hailey Horan, Westview

Womens Longboard

  1. Hana McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
  2. Keili McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
  3. Kalaiana Ashkarian, San Marcos
  4. Ali Whiting, Santa Fe Christian
  5. Clara Steinhauer, University City
  6. CarlyBizzack, Cathedral Catholic


  1. Carsten Lester, University City
  2. Noah Gerbecks, Woodrow Wilson
  3. Hunter Lindgren, San Marcos
  4. J P Sperrazzo, Cathedral Catholic
  5. Cullen McGee, Santa Fe Christian
  6. Michael Oanta, Westview
Team Results Division 4

El Camino 47                         def       Mission Bay 45

Grauer 50                               def       Horizon 39

Rancho Buena Vista 48         def       Mar Vista 25

Bishops 48                             def       Coronado 44

Individual Results – Division 4

Mens Shortboard

  1. Marshall Bowles, Grauer
  2. Jared Fearon, Horizon
  3. Kai Matteo, Rancho Buena Vista
  4. Dylan Cremonesi, El Camino
  5. Matt Taylor, Horizon
  6. Lucas Monari, Mission Bay

Mens Longboard

  1. Jakue Aguerre, Bishops
  2. Jack Piegza, Bishops
  3. Dylan Cremonesi, El Camino
  4. Marshall Bowles, Grauer
  5. Jared Fearon, Horizon
  6. Colin Quinn, Grauer

Womens Shortboard

  1. Malia Kaleiohi, Horizon
  2. Dani Hill, Coronado
  3. Naomi Collin, Rancho Buena Vista
  4. Chrissy Seggerman, Coronado
  5. Pearl Moore, Mission Bay
  6. Nicole Goldsmid, Grauer

Womens Longboard

  1. Pearl Moore, Mission Bay
  2. Briann Billings, Horizon
  3. Sophia Drewelow, Grauer
  4. Naomi Collin, Rancho Buena Vista
  5. Nikki Cook, El Camino
  6. Chrissy Seggerman, Coronado


  1. Nicholas Campagna, Mission Bay
  2. Jack Piegza, Bishops
  3. Dylan Linde, Coronado
  4. Nick Kane, Horizon
  5. Myles Pollack, El Camino
  6. Reese Hartwell, Rancho Buena Vista
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