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End-of-Year Success Summit Gets Kids Academically Poised For 2015

Oceanside CA— As students begin their winter recess, many will ditch the video games, movie theaters, and ski slopes to attend the second Quantum Learning Youth Success Summit being held Monday, December 29, through Wednesday, December 31. The three-day summit will help these students build a foundation for success as they dive deep into the strength of character and personal confidence needed for academic and personal excellence.

“The summit will teach these students time management, organizational readiness, plus social and emotional awareness,” said Jeff Miller, education development manager at QLN, adding that “even better it provides a productive environment for middle school children during the winter recess.”

quantum_learningOver the last three decades, QLN has taught SuperCamp at prestigious universities across the country and around the globe. These 8- and 10-day residential camps teach valuable life skills such as leadership qualities, independent thinking, personal confidence, pride of ownership, and individual motivation. The Youth Success Summit will be a mini version of this program, but still content rich.

“Seventy-seven percent of students who attend our camps report an improvement in family relationships,” Jeff continued, “and being able to impact the children in our surrounding communities is truly rewarding as an educator.”

Parents looking to build their son’s or daughter’s confidence, increase their grades or boost their motivation are encouraged to enroll their child. Space is still available, but filling up rather quickly. Contact Cristina at 800-285-3276 x199 for more information.

Quantum Learning Network, which comprises Quantum Learning and SuperCamp, is dedicated to helping children develop the skills they need in the classroom and become productive citizens. Over the course of their 30-year history, they’ve impacted more than 100,000 teachers and nearly 12 million students in all 50 states and more than 80 countries across the globe. Their home base—where the Youth Summit will be held—is 1938 Avenida del Oro in Oceanside. For more information about Quantum Learning, SuperCamp, and the Youth Success Summit, visit www.quantumlearning.com/student-summit.