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Cyril F. Kellett, Laura Mitchell, Jim Dagostino, Larry W. Schallock and Ramona B. Finnila being sworn in by California Assembly member, Rocky Chavez

Tri-City Medical Center Board Members Sworn in on Friday

Oceanside CA— Recently elected/re-elected Tri-City board members, Jim Dagostino, Ramona B. Finnila, Cyril F. Kellett, Laura Mitchell and Larry W. Schallock, were sworn in by California Assembly Member, Rocky Chavez during a brief ceremony, on Friday at the medical center.

Tri-City Medical Center CEO, Tim Moran said he was pleased with the way things are progressing at the medical center and is looking forward to the next calendar year. ” What we do here is very serious work for our community.” continued Moran ” I’m please at the commitment each of the directors have made, publicly, to our community’s hospital and I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to work with this board.”

Jim Dagostino, Laura Mitchell, Cyril F. Kellett were elected to four year terms with Ramona B. Finnila and Larry W. Schallock filling the short-term seats on the board.

“Remember how this hospital was created. It was created by all of us to take care of us.” said Dagostino after the swearing in ceremony. “We had to go to San Diego and Orange County for our healthcare and we decided we deserved that kind of healthcare here and that’s why we created Tri-City.” Dagostino said it was a wonderful opportunity and thanked the voters for the opportunity to continue on the board.


Jim Dagostino, Laura Mitchell and Cyril F. Kellett fill out the paper work with Carol Smyth, Tri-City Contracts Manager and Teri Donnellan, Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors.

Laura Mitchell, a registered nurse thanked the voters and said “For me, it all begins and ends with patient care and we have a community that relies on us for safe patient care whether in the hospital, out-patient care or in the community. Tri-City has been doing that for 50 years and I hope to see it continue for another 50 years.” Laura Mitchell is the only non-incumbent elected to the Tri-City Board.

Retired physician, Cyril F. Kellett of Carlsbad will be starting his 20th year on the board. “It’s been a great ride. We will do the best we can by Tri-City and for all of the community.” said Kellett.

Former Carlsbad City Council member and Carlsbad resident, Ramona Finnila, elected to a two-year term, said the last campaign was a very unusual one. “For the first time, I really saw North County come together and say that this hospital really means a lot and this hospital is worth fighting for.” Finnilla is pleased with the dedication of the staff, board members and community “who all acknowledge the importance of Tri-City Hospital.” she continued “We may be small but we will continue to make an impact in the future, It’s all because we’ve pulled together, lately, as a team. This team is invincible if we continue with the vision that we have, if we all work together, put aside our differences and think about our citizens and providing safe, reliable healthcare.

Oceanside resident and retired hospital pharmacist, Larry Schallock who first ran for the board twelve years ago said “We have a lot of continuing challenges that the hospital is going to face as far as funding, meeting our seismic requirements and the changing world of healthcare.” continued Schallock ” A lot has changed in twelve years but one thing that hasn’t is the people who operate and offer the care, that doesn’t change and that’s very much appreciated.”

Regular meetings of the Tri-City Healthcare District Board of Directors are held each month, usually on the last Thursday of the month with special meetings are held as needed. You can view the meetings on demand at KOCT

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