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‘Nature’s Artistry’ Art Exhibit featuring Hooshang Yashar

Encinitas CA— A new exhibit has opened at the Encinitas Library featuring the work of local artist, Hooshang Yashar titled ‘Nature’s Artistry’.

The beauty of nature is the theme throughout this exhibit. Pacific Ocean and California coastline are the main emphasis and source of inspiration for this show. The beautiful land, parks, old cabins and barns in meadows provide visual diversity.

“I have always been an artist. I had the ability to draw the objects accurately since childhood. Art has always been uplifting, and a source of inspiration to me.” said Hooshang.

Early on, Hooshang realized that creating art, whether sketching, painting, or precise drawing “always soared my spirit.” continued Hooshang “I have been influenced by old renaissance as well as contemporary masters. No matter what state of mind I am in, portraying nature on canvas in my particular style has always brought me joy and peace of mind. If I can invoke the same stimulation in my audience, it is a definite bonus.”

The exhibit runs through January 12, 2015 at the Encinitas Library 540 Cornish Drive as part of the Encinitas Civic Arts Program.

To learn more about Hooshang Yashar, visit his website [Link] or you can email Hooshang at hooshangyashar@gmail.com

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