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More Than a Coach, Stadium Named for John Carroll

Oceanside CA— “Welcome to Simcox Field at John Carroll Stadium” is what fans will be hearing when they attend games at Oceanside High School in the future.

The stadium at Oceanside High School has been named for the successful, longtime leader of the Pirates football program during a ceremony at the school, on Monday.

Although the numbers that detail John Carroll’s accomplishments as coach are impressive, there was little mention of them during the ceremony. Those who spoke, during the event, spoke of John Carroll as a teacher, a friend and a brother.

Dr. Duane Coleman said ” While Coach Carroll is arguably the best, most successful coach in the history of the state California, he is far more than a man that coaches football. John Carroll is first and foremost a teacher, a role mode and most importantly, a leader. He is an example of a man that sets the bar high. He expects his students, his players, his fellow staff members and parents of students to always do the right thing.”
Dr Coleman asked the students to do one thing each time they stepped into the athletic facility, ” When you see the word John Carroll Stadium, you remind yourself that Coach Carroll’s name will be forever associated with this stadium not because he won a lot of football games but because he sets an example of what it means to be a true leader, an educator of young people and in our business, we couldn’t ask another human being for more than what he has given to OHS.”

“Who’d of thunk it Coach Carroll? Pretty amazing after 26 years. You usually have to die first before you have something like this happen.” joked Oceanside High School Athletic Director, Dave Barrett.

The Athletic Director did bring up some numbers that chronicle the coaches accomplishments since he took over in 1989; 26 consecutive playoff appearances, 21 consecutive appearances in the CIF Semi-finals, 13 CIF San Diego Section titles and two state titles.


Oceanside High School Athletic Director, Dave Barrett.

“People ask me all the time, what makes him so extraordinary, what’s his secret?” Barrett reflected “Well, it definitely isn’t his sunny disposition.” He said it isn’t his jokes either. “they are delivered in the worst fashion ever and they’re only funny because he thinks they’re funny.”

Barrett said Coach Carroll’s knowledge of football, the X’s and O’s of the game is “Well I like to say that Coach Carroll is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers but football knowledge, alone, does not explain what we’ve seen here over the last 26 years” Barrett said it is the coach’s passion and most importantly his love for his students, players and what he does.
Coach Carroll took the podium next. “I am humbled and honored to be here today but it’s not about me. The word is wrong. It’s about We. All success never comes from one person. All success comes from a team.” continued the coach ” Together with the faculty, the staff, the student body and all of our alumni, we are OSIDE.”

The celebration was made sweeter with the Oceanside Pirates and Coach Carroll fresh off their 20-13 win over Helix and their 13th CIF title on Saturday night. Oceanside was selected, by the CIF, to continue play and will take on Edison in a semi-final game for the Division I State title.

Edison (12-1) is located in Fresno where they play in the County/Metro league. They won their first Central Section Division I title in 39 years by defeating Liberty-Bakersfield 21-14 on Friday night.

The semi-final game will be played on Simcox Field at John Carroll Stadium, Friday night December 12, 2014, with a special start time of 7:30. The winner will travel to Carson and play for the state title against the Grant-Folsom match-up on the December 19 at the StubHub Center at 8 p.m.

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