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Scholastic Surf Series Division 3 and 4 Results

La Jolla Shores CA— San Diego High School Division 3 and 4 competed in their third Scholastic Surf Series event of the season.

In Division 3 Austin Pardi from Westview took his second win of the season in Mens Longboard. Liam Gloyd from Cathedral Catholic scored his first win of the season in Mens Shortboard and 2 other Cathedral team members, Gavin Doan 3rd and Garret Cleary 4th joined him in the final.

Westview put 2 Mens Shortboard members in the final with Nic Holdman 2nd and Makiah Spiess 5th and Redmond Walton from San Marcos 6th, rounded out the final with his first final of the season. Maya Saulino from San Marcos HS strengthened her lock in Womens Shortboard with her second win of the season while the McEvilly sisters, Hana and Keili, continue to battle it out in Womens Longboard. In Bodyboard Cullen McGee from Santa Fe Christian scored his first win while Carsten Lester from University City still hangs on to the lead.

In Division 4 Josh Johnson from Mar Vista took his first win in Mens Shortboard while Ben Outlaw from Coronado took the win in Mens Longboard and issued a challenge to Jakue Aguerre who holds the win in 2 events. Myles Pollack from El Camino took the win in Bodyboard while Sophia Drewelow continues her lead in Womens Longboard taking her 2nd win and Chrissy Seggerman from Coronado scoring her first win of the season in Womens Shortboard.

Thank you to all our sponsors who make this season possible. For more info about the SSS, please contact Sue Lister, Admin Director, at 760-518-2727 / info@surfsss.org, or Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director, 760-439-0863 / carolnoceanside@cs.com. You can also check our website at www.surfsss.org for a current schedule of all SSS events in California.

Team Results Division 3

Westview 69 over University City 62

San Marcos 72 over Cathedral Catholic 62

Woodrow Wilson 72 over Santa Fe Christian 55

Individual Results – Division 3


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Mens Shortboard

  1. Liam Gloyd, Cathedral Catholic
  2. Nic Holdman, Westview
  3. Gavin Doan, Cathedral Catholic
  4. Garret Cleary, Cathedral Catholic
  5. Makiah Spiess, Westview
  6. Redmond Walton, San Marcos

Mens Longboard

  1. Austin Pardi, Westview
  2. Garrett Fields, Woodrow Wilson
  3. Gabe DelCastillo, San Marcos
  4. Jack Costello, San Marcos
  5. Cole Virgilio, Westview
  6. Alex Vu, Westview

Womens Shortboard

  1. Maya Saulino, San Marcos
  2. Ava Bartlow, Woodrow Wilson
  3. Jacqui Martin, Santa Fe Christian
  4. Hana McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
  5. Ally Millard, Westview
  6. Clara Steinhauer, University City

Womens Longboard

  1. Keili McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
  2. Hana McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
  3. Jacqui Martin, Santa Fe Christian
  4. Carly Bizzack, Cathedral Catholic
  5. Hailey Horan, Westview
  6. Clara Steinhauer, University City


  1. Cullen McGee, Santa Fe Christian
  2. Liam Gloyd, Cathedral Catholic
  3. Hunter Lindgren, San Marcos
  4. Carsten Lester, University City
  5. Austin Moore, Westview
  6. Noah Gerbecks, Woodrow Wilson

Team Results Division 4

Horizon 49 over Mission Bay 38

Mar Vista 49 over Grauer 39

El Camino 49 over Bishops 42

Coronado 54 over Rancho Buena Vista 33

Individual Results – Division 4

Mens Shortboard

  1. Josh Johnson, Mar Vista
  2. Jared Fearon, Horizon
  3. Marshall Bowles, Grauer
  4. Dylan Cremonesi, El Camino
  5. Lucas Monari, Mission Bay
  6. Tyler Ansbro, El Camino

Mens Longboard

  1. Ben Outlaw, Coronado
  2. Jakue Aguerre, Bishops
  3. Colin Quinn, Grauer
  4. Dylan Cremonesi, El Camino
  5. Jared Fearon, Horizon
  6. Noa Hopper, Bishops

Womens Shortboard

  1. Chrissy Seggerman, Coronado
  2. Katelyn Zamudio, Bishops
  3. Isabella Hastings, Mar Vista
  4. Lael Dobson, Horizon
  5. Mikaela Naylor, Horizon
  6. Vivian Drewelow, Grauer

Womens Longboard

  1. Sophia Drewelow, Grauer
  2. Ciara Gray, Mission Bay
  3. Naomi Collin, Rancho Buena Vista
  4. Katelyn Zamudio, Bishops
  5. Isabella Hastings, Mar Vista
  6. Nikki Cook, El Camino


  1. Myles Pollack, El Camino
  2. Peterson Frith, Mar Vista
  3. Derek Quinones, Rancho Buena Vista
  4. Matt Taylor, Horizon
  5. Dylan Linde, Coronado
  6. Jakue Aquerre, Bishops
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