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Oceanside Police Headquarters

Not the Usual Suspects in Oceanside Break-in

Oceanside CA— On December 22, 2014 officers of the Oceanside Police Department’s Neighborhood Policing Team developed information regarding a potential pending residential burglary on Lookout Court in the City of Oceanside. The officers responded to the shopping center at Lake Boulevard and Cannon Road. At that location they found the reporting party already engaged in conversation with the persons who were intent on committing the burglary.

After a brief investigation the officers drove with all parties to the Lookout Court address, where they assisted everyone in carrying Christmas presents into one of the apartments. It turned out all of the people were part of Little Tommy Sablan’s Breaking and Entering Christmas. They were actually delivering gifts to a single mom and her two sons ages 9 and 11, the younger who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. The family was adopted by Penske Automotive and was nominated by friends from the mother’s Zumba class.
Watch the story unfold below:

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