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A Vision for the Coffee Bar Oceanside Is Missing

Oceanside CA— Oceanside entrepreneur, Dan Frutiger, has a vision for a unique Coffee Bar in downtown Oceanside and has turned to KickStarter for help turning the vision into a reality.

“The goal of ‘Neutral Grounds’ is to provide an upscale venue where people from all walks of life can feel valued.”said Dan

” ‘Neutral Grounds‘ will concentrate on selling espresso- based drinks because of the popularity, increased profit margin and higher sales of these items. The coffee “bar” will have ample room indoors with additional seating outdoors.” explains Dan

The plan for this upscale coffee bar will include a small stage for local talent, displays of local artwork, recording services, big screen televisions for social network interaction, a portable wall for an enclosed meeting area as well as a complete business set up (color printer, fax, paper ) designed for business meetings, traveling sales people, students with these services will be offered at a reduced fee for customers.

Dan says the coffee bar will offer a healthy alternative food and drink menu, loose leaf teas and an assortment of iced drinks in addition to the traditional core espresso drinks. As in the title “coffee bar”, Neutral Grounds will offer an exciting, exotic and tasty variety of specialty espresso drinks served in the appropriate stem ware or glass. The drinks will be beautifully prepared and garnished with only the finest ingredients. These drinks, (non-alcoholic ) such as Espressotini, Mocha Nut Martini and Tiramisu Martini will be served in a Martini glass for the evening dessert crowd.

Neutral Grounds‘ will, whenever possible, do business with local suppliers keeping business in the community or “at least in our state.” said Dan. Production and Organic products will be used whenever possible.

To learn more about Dan Frutiger and ‘Neutral Grounds’ visit the KickStarter site [here]