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Two Arrested for Robbery in Oceanside

Oceanside CA— Early this morning, December 30, 2014 at 12:14 a.m. Oceanside Police officers responded to a report of an armed robbery that occurred about 20 minutes prior in the alley behind the Circle K, 420 N. Coast Highway. The suspects were covered by bandanas and dark clothing, armed with semi-auto handguns. The clerk told officers he believed he knew one of the subject’s and his name was Curtis. The victim was robbed of a cell phone, wallet, jacket and skateboard.

About 2:15 this morning, an officer was flagged by the clerk stating he just saw Curtis and another subject walking northbound on N. Coast. Another Oceanside officer found the subjects and detained them.

During a consent search of Curtis, the victim’s phone was found in his pants pocket. Around this same time, a bouncer from the Firewater pulled up and told the officers that he had just pulled a BB gun off of Curtis at the Firewater after he pointed it at someone. That gun was later recovered. The victim was contacted and a curbside line-up was done.

Curtis Williams (DOB 09/29/90) was positively identified. The other subject, Angel Garcia (DOB 03/31/93), was questioned and admitted to being with Curtis during the robbery.

Video from the Circle K also shows both subjects committing the robbery. Both subjects are from Oceanside and were booked for robbery.