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Oceanside Police Officers. Matt Lyons and Jon Seabron in New York City. (courtesy photo)

Two OPD Officers Attend Funeral for NY Slain Officer


New York Police Detective Wenjian Liu (courtesy photo)

Oceanside CA— Oceanside Police Detective Matt Lyons and Senior Police Officer, Jon Seabron flew 3000 miles courtesy of Jetblue Airlines. Lyons and Seabron both took time off and at their own expense and traveled to New York City to attend the funeral of Police Detective Wenjian Liu.

Detective Liu was murdered with his partner Police Detective Rafael Ramos on December 20th, 2014, as they both sat in a marked police car working uniformed patrol on a special assignment in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood.

Seabron, a Brooklyn, NY native, and Detective Lyons who is originally from New England both immediately knew upon learning of the murders of these two NYPD officers, they had to standup for these fallen heroes. The two rearranged their schedules and made it happen.

What they found on Saturday while attended the funeral of Detective Liu, was they were not alone and over 28,000 police officers from almost every state were present and standing up for these NYPD officers and their families.

“This is especially important for Jon and me to come stand shoulder to shoulder with NYPD given that the only reason these officers were murdered was their being police officers.” said Detective Matt Lyons. The two New York officers were murdered on the 8 year anniversary of the death of Oceanside Police Officer Dan Bessant who was shot on a traffic stop in 2006.


courtesy photo-click to enlarge

“It was a sea of blue uniforms as far as the eyes could see all around. Those uniforms had different shoulder patches, but for the men and women wearing them they had one common voice that an American hero was being buried and he was a brother to all of us.” said Lyons.

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