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CHP Urges Caution After Recent Fatality on SR-78

Oceanside CA— The CHP is urging drivers to use an abundance of caution after the fatal accident involving a tow truck driver in SR- 78 on January 17, 2015.

Driving on California’s public roadways can bring about unexpected events. Mechanical surprises are rarely welcome when you need to be somewhere. Preparing for the unexpected can seem daunting when considered. One such event can be a flat tire.

In such an event, taking a moment to consider your surroundings and taking action to avoid greater danger can help you reach your destination with greater safety and ease. Driving a distance on a flat tire to reach a safer location may cause temporary and monetary inconvenience. Please consider the alternative and drive safely to a location that will not put you or others in danger.

On January 17th, 2015 at approximately 7:05am, a 43 year-old male was stopped on the right shoulder of eastbound State Route 78 east of Nordahl Rd. He was the sole occupant seated in the front right seat of his White Nissan Frontier. The gentleman was being assisted by a local towing company to repair a flat tire. A White Tow Truck (2014 Hino, tow truck # I) was stopped on the right shoulder behind the Frontier.

The driver of the tow truck #1, Jabar Issa , 48-years-old of Chula Vista, was in the process of replacing a flat tire on the left side of the Nissan Frontier. Issa was being assisted by a second tow truck driver due to difficulties he was experiencing with the wheel. Tow truck driver #2 (a 42 year-old male) parked his White 2003 Toyota Tundra (tow truck #2) near the front of the Nissan Frontier. Tow truck driver #2 was walking from his vehicle toward Issa along the traffic side of the involved vehicles.

A 52 year-old male was driving a 2003 Ford F-250 eastbound on State Route 78, in the #4 lane, at an unknown rate of speed, approaching the aforementioned vehicles and parties. For unknown reasons, the driver of the F-250 allowed his vehicle to turn in a southeasterly direction, over the solid white line, and onto the right shoulder. The F-250 collided with the left side of tow truck # 1 then struck Issa. The F-250 traveled out of control and struck the left side of the Nissan Frontier. The F -250 continued and struck tow truck driver #2 then struck tow truck #2. The involved vehicles , tow truck driver # 1 & #2, came to rest straddling the #4 lane and the right shoulder.

Jabar Issa was pronounced deceased at the collision scene. The occupant of the Nissan Frontier sustained cuts and abrasions to his upper torso. Tow truck driver #2 sustained a broken leg, massive internal injuries, and other fractures. He was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The driver of the F-250 did not claim sustaining any injuries. This collision investigation is ongoing.


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