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Author, Sharon Thomas

Oceanside Author Pens First Book at Age 79

Oceanside CA— Sharon Thomas, long-time Oceanside resident, is debuting an engaging new biography, “Eight And One-Half Little Bostons,” the heartwarming story of the author’s life with a dynasty of charming Boston Terriers.

An enthusiastic and devoted animal lover, Mrs. Thomas has written her Boston Terrier’s story not only as a tribute to them, but also to the whole canine world. She describes “Eight And One-Half Little Bostons” as being often humorous, occasionally hilarious, and regrettably sometimes heartbreaking. “It is truly a love story,” she said. “I think it will certainly appeal to Boston Terrier devotees, perhaps dog lovers in general, and possibly even cat lovers.” She added that it might also be enjoyed by readers who appreciate ” a simple, sweet, decent, funny, non-violent, entertaining read minus profanity and graphic sex.” Echoing throughout the book is the main theme: “animals, dogs in particular, are usually nicer than most humans.” The biography is the writer’s first literary endeavor and she states that since she has reached the ripe old age of 79, it is probably also her last.

Mrs. Thomas has been an Oceanside resident for 52 years and resided in Carlsbad for nine years previously. She is a retired special education teacher of 28 years with the Escondido and Oceanside Unified School Districts. Her husband, Larry J. Thomas, first came to Oceanside in 1956 to begin employment with radio station KSLR. The station sold and was renamed KUDE/KJFM, and in 1960, he became commercial manager. He retired in 1988 after 32 successful years in broadcasting. Sharon and Larry recently celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary. They live happily in Oceanside with their Boston Terrier, Angel.

“Eight And One-Half Little Bostons” is available on Amazon.com. As a memorial to the Thomas family’s Bostons, a portion of any profits will be donated to the Humane Society of the United States, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the North Campus of the San Diego, California Humane Society.