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World-Renowned Italian Guitarist to Present a Musical Journey at MiraCosta

Oceanside CA— MiraCosta College presents, “American Roots with European Passion,” a concert featuring Italian acoustic guitarist Beppe Gambetta. The concert will be held at the MiraCosta College Concert Hall on Thursday, February 12 at 7:30 p.m.

The concert will feature a fascinating journey through the complex world of Gambetta and his life spent between his birthplace in Genoa and parts of Europe and the United States where he currently resides. The program will also highlight new compositions inspired from tradition, as well as revival pieces from his research on European and American music.

Photo by Franco Rosso

Photo by Franco Rosso

“My performances are both emotional and communicative with innovative and fresh interpretations of irony, poetry and virtuosity,” said Gambetta. “I hope the audience enjoys the blend of traditional and original music, passionate melodies and energetic grooves of high-rhythmic complexity.”

Gambetta will tell about the great inspiration he received from encounters with folk icon Pete Seeger and the legendary Italian songwriter Fabrizio De Andre’, his travels and studies in mysterious places like the wilds of Sardinia, the musical contribution of European emigrants to the American cultural melting pot, and the joy of composing new dance melodies and romantic serenades today.

“Having Beppe Gambetta performing at MiraCosta College is very important for many aspects,” said Andrea Petri, chair of the International Languages Department. “He is not only a highly regarded and internationally known guitar player, but his deep knowledge and study of the Italian, American and Italian-American traditional music culture allows him to present a program that highlights the deep interconnections of common roots.“

The MiraCosta College Concert Hall (Bldg. 2400) is located at 1 Barnard Drive, Oceanside. Tickets are on sale now and may be purchased at the Box Office (Bldg. 2000), by phone at 760.795.6815, or online www.miracosta.edu/events

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