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Safe Driving Reminder from OPD

Oceanside CA— As we enter into the New Year, The Oceanside Police Department wants to remind you to be safe and courteous on the road. Here are some good reasons to slow down, wear your seatbelt, and drive distraction free:
Please Slow Down

  • Approximately 13,000 lives are lost each year due to speeding.
  • Speeding is many times a contributing factor in traffic collisions.
  • Speeding tickets are point violations and may cause your insurance rates to rise.

Please Buckle Up

  • It takes about 2 seconds to buckle up….. not doing so can cost you about $162.00.
  • If you are the driver and have a passenger under 16 it can cost you $445.00 and a point against your license.

Please put your cell phones away and drive distraction free

  • Distracted driving causes about 1,600,000 per year – National Safety Council.
  • You are 23X more likely to crash – National Hwy Transportation Safety Administration.
  • Slows your brake reaction speed by 18% — Human Factors & Ergonomics Society.
  • Costs you about $162.00 in fines and penalties.

These are just a few reasons and tips to help you keep our roadways safe. If you have any questions please contact Sergeant Rich Schickel at 760-435-4782.