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Oceanside First Friday ArtWalk a Continuing Success

Oceanside CA— It was beautiful evening for visitors strolling through downtown Oceanside checking out the art and music during the February, First Friday ArtWalk event.

There were 15 “Certified” ArtWalk venues all through the Oceanside Theatre and Arts district with the theme for February’s event ‘Love is in the Air’.

The lights in the lobby of the library were dimmed to best show off the work of Karen Dugan, the library’s featured artist. Karen’s artwork is a combination metals, glass and light. “The cold of the steel and the warmth of the glass make a great combination.” said Karen as she described her art.
Karen has been a part of the local art scene for many years, working with leaded glass for about 35 years. “I was disappointed in light and the way it showed through the glass. It was time for a makeover.”

Karen started working with nuts and bolts. “It was fun but I saw I couldn’t take it any further so I started taking welding classes.”

From there she began to work with her new skills in her spare time. “It was a lot of trips to the dump to find small pieces to work with.” Karen also has incorporated marbles and computer parts into her pieces.

Karen has stayed close to home but… ” it’s time for me to get back out there. It can be a little intimidating. You like what you created but will others?” she asked.

Karen said “I find what I’m doing now to be quite refreshing. ”

Marilyn Huerta

Marilyn Huerta

Outside the MainStreet Oceanside building, on Mission Avenue, you could listen to the swing jazz music of ‘Swingergy’ before going inside to check out the colorful paintings of featured artist, Marilyn Huerta.

“It was really nice to have some of my work out of the house and on display in a place like this.” said Marilyn. Marilyn has known she wanted to be an artist since kindergarten and she is an integral and well respected part of the art scene throughout North County.

Close to 90 people had passed through the display area in the MainStreet Oceanside meeting room, in the first hour of the ArtWalk. “It’s been a really good crowd tonight. People were coming through and I was still trying to get my paintings hung on the wall.” said Marilyn “I dig it when people dig my art.”
Also occurring at MainStreet was the unveiling of a community art piece put together by Encinitas artist, Ed Coonce.

Ed Coonce and Macy Willacker of Oceanside looking for the piece Macy cut for the community project Macy's

Ed Coonce and Macy Willacker of Oceanside looking for the piece Macy cut for the community project.

Ed assembled pieces of foam core that were cut by people attending a previous ArtWalk.”It was kind of difficult because of all the disparate types of things and random shapes. I did a little enhancement here and there just so it would all go together.”
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