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Oceanside Police comb Buddy Todd Park for evidence

Body Found in Oceanside’s Buddy Todd Park

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Oceanside CA— Early this morning, February 16, 2015 at 5:44 a.m. officers of the Oceanside Police and Fire Departments responded to a report of a person down at Buddy Todd Park, 2800 Mesa Drive. Officers arrived and located a person who was deceased in the northern edge of the park.

Eighty year-old Oceanside resident, Bill Stone, was walking his dog, Lucy, at 5:40 a.m., this morning at Buddy Todd Park, near the basketball court, on the north side of the park when he saw what he thought looked like a doll. “I looked closer and it was a man with face all full of blood.” continued Mr. Stone “I thought to myself, This human being is gone”.

Oceanside resident, Bill Stone discovered a body in Buddy Todd Park while walking his dog early this morning

Oceanside resident, Bill Stone discovered a body in Buddy Todd Park while walking his dog early this morning

“I looked with my flashlight and couldn’t see the person breathing so I went home and called 9-1-1.” Mr. Stone explained.

He said he was originally told to stay home and then was called back to the scene. “Officers wanted to examine my shoes for blood evidence and they are going to keep them for a few weeks.” Bill stated, ” The officer told me that he was glad I found him instead of some little girl that went to the park to play.”

Mr. Stone said he has been walking his dog in the park for the last four years and has never come across anything like this before.

The victim appeared to be a black male in his early to mid-twenties. He suffered obvious blunt force trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene. Oceanside Police detectives are on scene in the beginning stages of the investigation.

Lieutenant, Leonard Cosby was asked about the difficult task of an investigation covering such a large area. “It is a huge park, actually a very nice park. Buddy Todd Park has changed quite a bit say from 15-20 years ago.” continued the Lieutenant, “The detectives, actually the initial officers arriving on the scene, locating a crime scene and then putting up tape that encompasses an area large enough to what you would believe would be adequate enough to contain a crime scene.”

“Initial reports indicate the victim had been at the park for several hours, not a day and the trauma appears to be localized in the face.” said the Lieutenant. “It doesn’t appear to be gang related.”

Police are investigating the lone truck in the parking lot at the time of the discovery. “The park closes at 6:00pm so any vehicle left in the park overnight is going to raise some questions.”

No identity has been released at this time “that’s the jurisdiction of the San Diego County Coroner.” explained Lt. Cosby

At this time there are no leads. Lt. Cosby said they are asking for anyone with information related to this incident to call the Oceanside Police Department at (760) 435-4911.