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Interruption of Fuel Theft Leads to Diesel Spill in Oceanside

Oceanside CA—On Wednesday night at about 9:30pm, officers responded to 3227 Oceanside Boulevard, the Superior Concrete Company. An armed private security officer observed two suspects force entry through the business gate and drive their vehicle onto the property.

The suspects began siphoning diesel fuel from one of the on-site tanks. As officer’s arrived, the suspects fled on foot leaving behind their vehicle.

The vehicle was reported stolen out of Whittier in January. The suspects also left the valve used for siphoning gas open, causing diesel fuel to spill on, in and around the stolen vehicle.

Although a perimeter was set, and ASTREA responded, the suspects could not be located.

It was determined that the suspects successfully siphoned 600 gallons of Diesel fuel from the 10,000 gallon tank. The 600 gallons of fuel was recovered.

Due to the diesel fuel spill, Oceanside Fire Department, along with a Hazmat team were called to the scene.

There is no danger of contamination to the Loma Alta Creek, however due to the vehicle being saturated with diesel fuel, the vehicle was determined to be a Hazmat concern as well.

The vehicle was processed for evidence at the scene and the registered owner was notified it had been recovered.

The two suspects were described as:

  • #1 – a Black Male Adult, unknown age, 5’9″ 190lbs wearing all dark clothing. Possibly had a short “braided” afro.
  • #2 – a Black Male Adult 170lbs with dark hair, unknown age.

Over the previous 2 days, this business had been the victim of similar diesel fuel thefts.