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SDSO Patrol car

Traffic Stop in Julian Results in Fallbrook Drug Bust

San Diego County CA— Sheriff’s Deputies contacted a suspicious person near Julian. The subject was driving a vehicle that was not registered to him, nor could he clearly identify the owner of the vehicle. The Julian deputies requested that Fallbrook deputies attempt to contact the registered owner, who lived on Banyan Drive, and determine the status of the vehicle.

Upon arrival, the Fallbrook deputy immediately detected a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the residence in the 1300 block of Banyan Drive. A Narcotics Detective was notified of the incident. Further investigation was done and a search warrant was obtained. During the search of the residence, over 450 marijuana plants, a BHO (Butane Honey Oil) lab, several grams of cocaine and a .22 caliber rifle were found and confiscated.

Deputies also found an elaborate system of wires that circumvented the electric meter. Being that the meter was bypassed, SDG&E was not aware of the volume of electricity being used at the residence, constituting a theft of electricity.

James Son (age 41) was found hiding in a garage that had been converted to a bedroom. Son was subsequently arrested for 11358 HS-Cultivating Marijuana, 11359 HS-Possession of Marijuana for Sale, 11379.6(a) HS-Narcotic and Drug Manufacturing, 591 PC-Damaging Electric Lines ,593 PC-Illegal Electrical Connection, 498(b) (1) PC-Theft of Utility Services and 487 PC-Grand Theft.

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