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Letter to the Editor: Problems with Caltrans I-5/SR-78 Interchange Plans

Caltrans I-5/SR-78 Interchange Plan Pollutes Elementary School, Isolates South Oceanside Community

CALTRANS has four plans for the I5/SR78 Interchange and each plan includes a 50-60 ft tall flyover to connect I5 South to SR78 East. This flyover will create an incredible amount of noise and pollution in the surrounding neighborhoods which both include public schools. This project along with the proposed expansion of I5 will eliminate all roads connecting southern Oceanside neighborhoods together as well as northern Carlsbad neighborhoods.

The elimination of neighborhood bridges creates safety issues for children walking to school, slower first responder response time, and will eliminate emergency evacuation routes for residents crowding all traffic on to three East/West roads. The I5/SR78 interchange is not overburdened and does not require fixing. Yes, there is a stoplight and drivers have to stop for it. I think of it as large scale metering from SR78 West to I5 South. It is time CALTRANS think more creatively than 60 foot tall flyovers for commuters that ruin the quality of life of an area, degrade neighborhoods with noise and emissions, Put public safety at risk, and pollute elementary school children.

We need a better answer that is good for everyone effected, commuters, residents, school children, and first responders. Aren’t our neighborhoods more important than our commute?

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter,

Eileen Malik