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Leslie Seiters, Sara Shelton Mann, and Anya Cloud after their dynamic performance at CSUSM. As the performers have just concluded the show, Anya's face is still red as she takes the time to catch her breath-Photo: Anne Hall

Dynamic Dance Performance at CSUSM

Anne S. Hall

by: Anne S. Hall

San Marcos CA— Sara Shelton Mann presented her choreographed work, titled Hybrid 7, at CSU San Marcos School of Arts on March 17. The performance features San Diego residents and performers, Leslie Seiters and Anya Cloud. Leslie is a faculty member at San Diego State University, as Anya also teaches at both SDSU and California State University San Marcos.

The performance was a dynamic representation of the human spirit. Sara expressed it so eloquently when stating that the piece was intended to convey, “intimidation, volatility, innocence and all the things that an individual experiences from youth to who they become as they are now.”

The performers showed deep concentration in their work as they were guided through their experience on stage. The emotion and energy that arose left the audience sympathizing with the pain and feeling taunted by the sudden laughter that abruptly breaks the sorrow as it is left lingering for the mind to ponder whether that pain has truly subsided or if it lingers on with every action that follows it.

The remaining performances will take place at the SDSU Dance Studio Theatre on March 20-21 at 7:30 pm. For more information visit http://newscenter.sdsu.edu/sdsu_newscenter/news_story.aspx?sid=75489

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