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Fix a Leak Week: Revolutionary Remedy is $500 Off for Homeowners

Oceanside CA— Pipe Restoration Inc., makers and installers of the patented ePIPE® pipe restoration product line, offers the only remedy to prevent pipe leaks with a two hour return-to-service for drinking water pipes. In honor of the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency’s national’s Fix a Leak Week, the local business is offering a special $500 off coupon to all Southern California residents who schedule a whole house ePIPE restoration.

“We are offering this discount to Southern California residents to help them do the right thing,” ACE DuraFlo® CEO Larry Gillanders said. “Our ePIPE pipe lining process prevents leaks, saving tens of thousands of gallons of water per day throughout North America and Europe. The more people who utilize our technology, the more clean water is saved.”
Pinhole leaks are one of the leading causes of water loss. Approximately 10 percent of homes have pipe leaks, contributing to more than 1 trillion gallons of water leaking from U.S. homes each year. It’s estimated that 1/6 of the U.S.’s clean water is lost each year due to leaking pipes, including the billions of gallons of clean water lost in Southern California.

Pipe Restoration Inc.’s in-place epoxy lining process, ePIPE, restores the pipes from the inside and prevents pinhole leaks from occurring. This method is preferred over traditional pipe replacement techniques, which are extremely expensive, disruptive, time-consuming and harmful to the environment.

The $500 off coupon is only valid to Southern California homeowners who sign a contract for a whole house ePIPE restoration with Pipe Restoration Inc. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers and expires March 31, 2015.

About Pipe Restoration, Inc.

Pipe Restoration Inc. is the pipe lining installation branch of ACE DuraFlo that utilizes the patented ePIPE process to restore pipes in-place. An alternative to a destructive repipe, this process is achieved using an application of an epoxy barrier coating, which results in a restored, epoxy lined piping system. The process provides a remedy for pinhole leaks, epoxy lining, corrosion control and prevention of lead leaching from pipes without the destruction or disruption encountered by pipe replacements. Pipe Restoration Inc. has locations throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Spain. For more information, contact Pipe Restoration Inc. at www.restoremypipes.com or (714) 564-7600.

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