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Input Sought on Revised Carlsbad General Plan EIR

Carlsbad CA— The City of Carlsbad is inviting the public to review and comment on revisions to parts of the draft Environmental Impact Report for the city’s updated General Plan. The city released the original draft of the environmental document in April 2014, and planners have made revisions and are recirculating the portions relating to air quality and alternatives to the proposed General Plan.

“We received quite a bit of feedback on the draft EIR during last year’s review,” said City of Carlsbad Principal Planner David de Cordova. “We gave careful consideration to the input received and made changes to portions of the draft to reflect this feedback.”

A 45-day comment period started Friday, March 20, and will end Monday, May 4.

A city general plan is a blueprint for how land will be used in the city to achieve the community’s vision for the future. It explains the goals, policies and programs that will guide how the city will physically develop, look and function. It spells out where homes and businesses will be located, how people will move around the city and how the city will meet community needs for parks, arts and culture, safety, recreation and sustainability. All cities in California are required to have a General Plan and update it from time to time so it stays current with changes in regulations and community needs and values.

The draft Environmental Impact Report informs the community and decision makers of the environmental implications of the General Plan and a range of potential alternatives. The alternatives section identifies and evaluates options that the city considered in developing the proposed General Plan, including the “no project alternative” option, which would maintain the status quo.

People can read the revisions on the City of Carlsbad website. Print copies are also available for review at the City of Carlsbad Planning Division, 1635 Faraday Ave.; at the City Clerk’s Office, 1200 Carlsbad Village Drive; at the Carlsbad City Library, 1775 Dove Lane; and at Georgina Cole Library, 1250 Carlsbad Village Drive.

De Cordova said that for this 45-day review period, the city requests people limit their comments to only the portions of the draft Environmental Impact Report that have been revised and recirculated. City staff will review and respond to all comments received on the previously circulated draft, so there is no need to resubmit comments previously made. Comments may be submitted by mail or email to:

Jennifer Jesser, Senior Planner
City of Carlsbad
Planning Division
1635 Faraday Ave.
Carlsbad, CA  92008

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