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Women’s Resource Center Needs your Vote

The organization with the most votes will win a $10,000 grant

Oceanside CA—Every year, the Women’s Foundation of California proudly supports hundreds of organizations that are making a life-changing difference for the women and families throughout our state.

This March, to celebrate Women’s History Month, they decided to do something different. They put the decision about who will receive a $10,000 grant into the communities hands.  The non-profit had to be nominated by March 17th.  Once nominated it is up to the organization and their supporters to bring in the votes.

The Women’s Resource Center of Oceanside has been nominated and needs the support of the community to win the contest.  The organization with the most votes will win the $10,000 grant.   You may vote anytime until noon PST, March 30. And, remember, one person one vote.

The Women’s Resource Center has been serving North County for forty years.  They provide counseling, shelter, and other services to the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  The grant of $10,000 covers the cost of providing two families of four a month of emergency shelter.  The shelter saves lives, Women’s Resource Center was able to shelter 385 families in 2013.

Help support the Women’s Resource Center provide these services and vote here http://www.peoplesmomentumaward.org/vote.php