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Taser Used on Knife Wielding Suspect in Oceanside

Oceanside CA— Monday afternoon, March 30, 2015 at 4:26 p.m. Oceanside Police officers contacted a person loitering to the rear of a business at 1767 South Oceanside Boulevard. During the contact the officers told him the area was posted “no loitering” and he would be free to leave pending a records check. The man was identified as Edward Nett; DOB May 9, 1966.

During the contact, Nett stood up and produced a fixed blade knife. He held the knife in his hands and approached one of the officers, saying “I’m going to kill you!” Both officers drew their guns and backed away from Nett. They ordered Nett to drop the knife several times. He did not comply.

The officers requested assistance. A third officer arrived and was able to effectively use his Taser on Nett. He was then taken into custody and eventually transported to the Vista Detention Facility.

Nett was charged with felony assault on a peace officer and assault with a deadly weapon. He is currently transient and claims Oceanside as his home.

” All of the officers used commendable restraint in seeking a less lethal resolution to the incident.” wrote Oceanside Police Lieutenant, Leonard Cosby, in a statement released this morning.

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