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WonderCon Reveals Robin as Dark as a Raven

Anne S. Hall

by: Anne S. Hall

Anaheim CABatman vs. Robin was released at WonderCon, Anaheim, yesterday evening in the Anaheim Convention Center’s arena. Featuring voices of many talents, including ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Stuart Allan (Robin), Sean Maher (Nightwing) and Jason O’Mara (Batman); the animated film portrays a dramatic story full of heart pumping action as bones break, blood continues to shower from everywhere and alliances are challenged in attempts to gain control over Gotham.

The storyline is based on an adaptation from “Batman: Court of Owls,” the best-selling graphic novel, released in 2012. This sequel to Son of Batman offers up lots of surprises in its adaptation to the comic series. While reflecting on Batman’s beginnings in 1939, creators sneak in a teaser by flashing Starfire somewhere in the mix.

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Batman vs. Robin brings back the excitement that made the comic so well loved. Damien steals the show as Bruce begins to “unveil his softer side,” said Jay Oliva, Director of the film. Audiences have seen Bruce Wayne as the cocky philanthropist and Batman as the vigilante but the character has yet to have the opportunity to display his humanity and appears to find vulnerability in acting as the father – an unfamiliar role.

Sexual innuendoes and violence make this cartoon rated PG-13. As Batman does what any man would resort to do in order to regain a son so lost in darkness that being enveloped in its saturation literally is the only means to a way out. This film leaves nothing to be desired for action fans and is a must see for DC fans.

Batman vs. Robin is scheduled to release April 14 in Blu-Ray combo pack and on DVD and digital HD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.   There will be an encore screening of the film during the closing of this years WonderCon in the arena at 2:45, Sunday. As for this viewer’s experience: five-stars for this action packed sequel. I’ll be looking forward to seeing this father-son dynamic duo continue to evolve.

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