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Falling Skies Promises an Unforgettable Ending

The Final Season Begins

Anne S. Hall

Photos and story
by: Anne S. Hall

Anaheim CA—WonderCon featured the cast of Falling Skies Saturday. Drew Roy, Sarah Carter, Colin Cunningham and Doug Jones unveiled intimate perspectives of the final moments of the five-year battle for survival that is soon coming to an end as the shows last season begins Sunday, June 28, on TNT.

Falling Skies has continued to maintain a strong viewership, so the big question: why end after only five years? As the cast was not equipped to answer the questions that should be responded to by the shows writers, I think Doug Jones said it best when giving his opinion, “I don’t know. My only guess would be…when you’re dealing with a post-apocalyptic world; they’re holding a gun and they’re living in survival mode everyday, how many seasons can that go? Is my question,” said Jones, who plays the character of Cochise.

Regardless of the actual reason for moving on after only 52 episodes, the show has pumped up the energy as losses are counted for and man kind, led by Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), decide to come together and “get angry.” The performers and writers have truly dug deep into their own psyche to create a realistic perspective of what they would do as their own characters in such times of desperation and longing.

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“Coming here to represent Falling Skies is bitter sweet because it’s, you know, we’re coming here to the end of the road,” said Cunningham, the character of John Pope.

“California is running out of water,” was an example given by Doug Jones as he reflected on what civilization would do in such a time that would activate survival mode for our present day society. Would morals remain? Would integrity still exist? Would men be willing to hold up arms to do what they have to do to survive?

“How would human beings organize themselves and how would we sort of deal with no one keeping the peace and does that human hierarchy of power just kind of form out of necessity; and now, especially having worked on this show and the fact that we all look to Tom Mason and people just really need a leader and how that divides people, and bring different sides up, I think in humanity that something similar would take place,” said Sarah Carter, actress playing Maggie.

Hal admits that he is too busy fighting on the battlefield to really pay attention to any aspirations for a future and life beyond the war. Tom and Anne really find themselves scarred at the loss of their child.

Two world premier sneak peaks were presented during the series panel. They left the audience in silence as they were in awe by Tom’s speech of inspiring unity and looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether mankind will regain their normalcy is a reality that may never exist, but finding a level of peace may be on the horizon. The crew was too good to give too much away. No matter what, you’ll just have to watch to see. Don’t miss the start on the last season at 10 PM on Sunday, June 28, on TNT.

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