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Everyone’s in Full on Zombie Mode

Anne S. Hall

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by: Anne S. Hall

Anaheim CA— iZombie, the new hit television show on The CW, was featured in the arena of the Anaheim Convention Center for WonderCon Saturday afternoon. As seats quickly filled up, the audiences cheered wildly as Rose McIver, Robert Buckley, David Anders, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, and co-creators Diane Ruggiero and Rob Thomas took the stage.

The series adaptation from Chris Roberson and Michael Allred’s comic series/graphic novel, iZOMBIE, has caught the attention of more than just the readers. The show is filled with suspense and mystery as the original story takes a twist from the main character, Liv Moore (Rose McIver), working at a morgue helping with police investigations for homicides rather than tramping through grave sights looking for her daily slice of brains.

iZombie Poster- Autographed poster given to fans at WonderCon 2015. Click on image to enlarge poster

iZombie Poster- Autographed poster given to fans at WonderCon 2015. Click on image to enlarge poster

Rather than focusing too much on the back story of the characters, the series started right where Liv was transformed into a living zombie and viewers are fed tidbits of the back story to her personal life and the love she lost with Major Lilywhite, played by Robert Buckley, throughout the storyline. Giving up her fiancé in fear of turning him into the living dead is a hard sacrifice. Major is portrayed as the all around nice guy, but his favor towards Liv seems to be dwindling away.

David Anderson plays the sinister Blaine DeBeers. As his past performances in shows like Once Upon a Time, his mellow persona has the bad seeping out of his pores before the good guys ever saw it coming.

Truly, the panel didn’t give much away about the script or the future plans of the show. The first season is scheduled to run for 13 episodes and thousands of viewers are already hooked.

Detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) has made it very clear that he has become accustomed to having the forensic duo helping him on all his case investigations as Liv takes a bite out of every corpse.

The writers have done a great job of making the character personalities so relatable to the audience and the murder mystery plots are entertaining for anyone that likes solving puzzles. In the panel Rose was asked what the most difficult part of the show was for her as the main character.

Her response, “I think that the most challenging part of portraying Liv is the task of taking on the persona of the character herself, and then spending each episode taking on the persona of the person’s brain I’ve eaten. Since my character takes on the victims personal traits every time she gets a new brain, it’s not enough that I spent months adapting to the character of Liv, but in a number of days I get to challenge myself by adapting to the characteristics of each episodes victims,” said Rose.

Truly, I’m not sure that I’ve seen any other actor take on such a task in any other television show in history. Definitely not for every episode made. Even when a performer has taken on a different person in other performances, the original character is lost and potentially returns. Liv’s character is forever changed and learns and grows more so as the undead than she did as a living human. Her loss of life led to the true appreciation of what she thinks she may never have again.

See how Liv changes and whose brains become her next meal/inspiration every Tuesday night, on The CW, at 9 PM. If you’re going to ComiCon don’t miss their panel, as they will be present at that convention as well.

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