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Oceanside Police and Fire Training at ECHS

Oceanside CA— Today, April 8, 2015 the Oceanside Police Department in conjunction with the Oceanside Fire Department are conducting a joint training exercise at El Camino High School. This exercise involves a significant number of personnel and apparatus for this scenario based training event.

This scenario is a simulated mass casualty event that is staged on the campus of the high school. This event is an effort to continue improving the working relationship of both organizations in the event an event requires their cooperative intervention.

The Oceanside Police Department and Oceanside Fire Department could not engage in such valuable training if not for the assistance and inclusion of the Oceanside Unified School District’s Staff. Training opportunities such as this are uncommon and are appreciated by everyone involved.

This exercise is occurring during the scheduled Spring Break for El Camino High School. Already scheduled events occurring on campus should not be affected by this exercise.

There may be some displacement of parking in some of the parking lots, but otherwise all campus activities will be occurring as planned.