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Photo: Sheri Crummer

Middle School State Surf Championships Results

Oceanside CA— The Scholastic Surf Series a Division of the WSA completed its fifth year of competition Saturday and Sunday with the Middle School State Championships at Oceanside Harbor. Twenty eight (28) Middle School Teams from Santa Cruz to San Diego traveled to Oceanside to compete in some of the best waves of the season in search of a State Championship Title.

The weather and sand were hot with kids and parents hopping from tent to tent in search of some shade for those burning feet while out in the water the kids were ripping up the perfect 3 to 4 foot waves only Oceanside South Jetty can provide.

Middle school surfing has evolved into a hotbed of rising young talent taking their surfing to the Next Level and it was on display at the SSS State Championships. We wish to thank our sponsors for their support throughout the season and providing prizes and awards for the competitors at the event: Firewire Surfboards, Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club, Sima Corp., Sticky Bumps, SuperBrand Surfboards, Surface Sun Systems, Surfline and the Western Surfing Assoc. (WSA). Awards were given for both Sportsmanship and Scholastic Surfer. We also wish to thank the coaches and parents for supporting our scholastic surfing kids. Listed below are the top 6 middle schools.

A complete list of results for all 28 schools will be listed on the website. For more information on the Scholastic Surf Series please contact Sue Lister, Administrative Director at 760-518-2727 info@surfsss.org or Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director 760-439-0863 carolnoceanside@cs.com or visit our website at www.surfsss.org.

Taj Linblad Photo: Sheri Crummer

Taj Linblad Photo: Sheri Crummer

Sportsmanship Award presented by SuperBrand Surfboards:

Betsey Lee, Malibu Middle School, Malibu

 Scholastic Surfer Award presented by Firewire Surfboards:

Samantha Sibley, Shorecliffs Middle School, San Clemente

High Wave in Finals Award presented by Surface Sun Systems:

Koby Gilchrist, Longboard, Oak Crest Middle School, Encinitas


Individual Results

Boys Shortboard

  1. Kade Matson, Shorecliffs
  2. Jackson Butler, Oak Crest
  3. Ethan Mudge, Shorecliffs
  4. Trey Lockhart, Thurston
  5. Ryan Martin, Shorecliffs
  6. Taj Lindblad, Shorecliffs

Boys Longboard

  1. Koby Gilchrist, Oak Crest
  2. Ethan Mudge, Shorecliffs
  3. Ben Kappes, Niguel Hills
  4. Barrett Miller, Shorecliffs
  5. Bryce Mattox, Niguel Hills
  6. Clay Johnson, Half Moon Bay

Girls Shortboard

  1. Samantha Sibley, Shorecliffs
  2. Kirra Pinkerton, Shorecliffs
  3. Tiare Thompson, Muirlands
  4. Sydney Tisdel, Aviara Oaks
  5. Joceline Marchand, Oceanside
  6. Kelly Smith, Thurston


Kade Matson  Photo: Sheri Crummer

Kade Matson Photo: Sheri Crummer

Girls Longboard

  1. Tiare Thompson, Muirlands
  2. Liv Stokes, Thurston
  3. Betsey Lee, Malibu
  4. Maddie Devilbiss, Aviara Oaks
  5. Sydney Conway, Paul Revere
  6. Lola Fisher, Thurston

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Hayden Stein, Niguel Hills
  2. Tommy Capps, Valley
  3. Logan McLaughlin, Aviara Oaks
  4. Anthony Smetona, Shorecliffs
  5. Patrick Root, San Elijo
  6. Cole Fink, Thurston

Coach’s Shortboard

  1. Marc Lindblad, Shorecliffs
  2. Adam Stone, Half Moon Bay
  3. Scott Overland, Oak Crest
  4. Dale Rhodes, Malibu
  5. Shawn Butler, Oak Crest
  6. Mark Tompkins, San Elijo

Coach’s Longboard

  1. Maddie Lomonaco, John Adams
  2. Rusty Gibson, Half Moon Bay
  3. Mela, Paul Revere
  4. Allie Reynolds, Lincoln


Jake Kelly  Photo: Sheri Crummer

Jake Kelly Photo: Sheri Crummer

Overall Team
  1. Shorecliffs, San Clemente – 324
  2. Thurston, Laguna Beach – 271
  3. Oak Crest, Encinitas – 228
  4. Muirlands, La Jolla – 212
  5. Niguel Hills, Laguna Niguel – 136
  6. Aviara Oaks, Carlsbad – 120

Boys Shortboard Team

  1. Shorecliffs, San Clemente – 190
  2. Oak Crest, Encinitas – 153
  3. Thurston, Laguna Beach – 143
  4. Muirlands, La Jolla – 109
  5. Bernice Ayer, San Clemente – 82
  6. Santa Barbara Jr., Santa Barbara – 49

Boys Longboard Team

  1. Shorecliffs, San Clemente – 51
  2. Niguel Hills, Laguna Niguel – 49
  3. Oak Crest, Encinitas – 41
  4. Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz – 30
  5. Santa Barbara Jr., Santa Barbara – 27
  6. Coronado Middle, Coronado – 24

Girls Shortboard Team

  1. Shorecliffs, San Clemente – 57
  2. Thurston, Laguna Beach – 48
  3. Muirlands, La Jolla – 35
  4. Aviara Oaks, Carlsbad – 26
  5. Malibu Middle, Malibu – 26
  6. Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz – 21

Girls Longboard Team

  1. Thurston, Laguna Beach – 38
  2. Muirlands, La Jolla – 30
  3. Malibu Middle, Malibu – 26
  4. Aviara Oaks, Carlsbad – 25
  5. Marco Forster, Dana Point – 23
  6. Paul Revere, Santa Monica – 18

Coed Bodyboard Team

  1. Shorecliffs, San Clemente – 33
  2. Aviara Oaks, Carlsbad – 30
  3. Niguel Hills, Laguna Niguel – 26
  4. Valley, Carlsbad – 23
  5. Muirlands, La Jolla – 21
  6. Thurston, Laguna Beach – 18