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Outdoor Fitness and Performance Center Opens in Del Mar

Del Mar CA—  Taking a page from the past to move the future, MILO, a unique fitness center, will open at the Del Mar Golf Center.

MILO is a 5,000 square foot – completely outdoor – functional performance facility catering to children and adults interested in improving their fitness and health through strength built from proper movement.

“This center will take many folks back to their childhoods,” states Milo Bryant, the facility’s founder and head coach said. “It is filled with equipment that requires the body to push, pull, carry, jump, run, duck, twirl, roll, kick, throw, catch and much more. That’s what I, and many of my friends, did as children.  That’s what I still do. That’s what we have all of our athletes doing.”

MILO has programs for group fitness, teams, small group personal training and one-on-one training. The center provides the fitness training for the youth golf program at the Academy at Del Mar Golf Center.

A treadmill won’t be found at MILO. There are no elliptical machines. MILO doesn’t have abductor and adductor or abdominal machines either. In fact, MILO doesn’t have a piece of equipment that has moving parts.

MILO’s centerpiece is the first complete SYNRGY BlueSky Training System developed by international fitness equipment giant, Life Fitness. The BlueSky is a modular outdoor unit that boasts numerous body weight training stations all geared toward functional movement.

MILO also has a free weight area with an Olympic lifting platform and enough free weights for the world’s strongest enthusiasts. There are tractor tires for flipping and sleds for pushing and pulling. MILO uses oversized rubber bands for everything from resistance sprinting and jumping to movement pattern assistance and stability games.

“The human body is what moves.  For the body to get stronger, it has to use its mobility and stability to create the movement. Machines can be good, but the human body is great.  Movement is what this performance center is all about,” added Bryant

“MILO adds a personalized service that will benefit our golfers and anybody seeking better health, fitness and athleticism,” Del Mar Golf Center general manager Matt Clay said. “We are proud to partner with one of the top fitness coaches and junior development specialists in the world.”

About the Del Mar Golf Center

The Del Mar Golf Center is a 28–acre facility located adjacent to the Del Mar Fairgrounds at 15555 Jimmy Durante Blvd.
It features a 76-station driving range, short game, bunker and putting practice areas. Pelly’s Golf has two 18-hole mini golf courses that average more than 50,000 rounds a year.  The Golf Mart, which sells and services all major brands, is located on the premises. www.delmargolfcenter.com

About Life Fitness

Life Fitness is the global leader of the fitness equipment industry.  For almost five decades, Life Fitness’s commercial, professional and home fitness products have had a reputation for being durable, reliable and on the cutting edge of both technology and design.  www.liftfitness.com

About Coach Milo Bryant

Coach Milo holds several national training certifications. He lectures and presents internationally on youth and adult fitness.  He is an advisory board member of the Titleist Performance Institute, an author and fitness columnist. www.MILOSTRONG.COM. AN NBF CORP COMPANY.