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More Than 3,700 U.S. Veterans in California Hired Since Memorial Day 2013

Walmart Expands Veterans Commitment to include a Guaranteed Job Offer to any Eligible Veteran Honorably Discharged Since Memorial Day 2013

San Diego County CA— Walmart announced on Wednesday that it is creating even more job opportunities for transitioning U.S. veterans in California, by guaranteeing a job offer to any eligible U.S. veteran honorably discharged from active duty since the original launch of the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment on Memorial Day 2013. The previous commitment was for veterans within 12 months off active duty.

Since Memorial Day 2013, Walmart has hired more than 3,700 veterans across California and more than 92,000 nationally. In addition to the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, Walmart is expanding its 2013 projection of hiring 100,000 veterans nationwide by 2018, increasing the projection to 250,000 veterans by the end of 2020.*

“Walmart recognizes the potential in military veterans to step up and excel in the civilian workforce,” said David Hofstetter, an associate at a San Diego Walmart Supercenter who served in the Navy for nine years. “Now we just need more companies to follow Walmart’s lead and empower veterans to continue serving after their military duties are completed.”

“Veterans welcome Walmart’s new commitment to hiring 250,000 veterans,” said Jack Harkins, Chairman of the United Veterans Council of San Diego County. “While veterans possess many qualities that are highly regarded in the private sector, including leadership, analytical skills, discipline and the ability to work effectively in teams, it can be tough for a veteran to find meaningful work. The steady jobs offered by Walmart provide a clear sense of purpose and aid our veterans in transitioning from military to civilian life.”

Walmart has welcomed veterans into every aspect of its 310 facilities in California, from supercenters to Neighborhood Markets to distribution centers to Sam’s Club locations. The flexibility and scheduling opportunities the retailer offers makes it possible for transitioning service members to make their own path, whether that is pursuing educational goals or finding a meaningful new career path.

“We’ve experienced a tremendous response in California to the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, and as more service members transition out of active duty, we know we can do more.” said retired Brigadier General Gary Profit, Walmart’s senior director of military programs. “We believe veterans represent the largest, diverse, talent-rich pool in the world and are an essential segment of the next generation at Walmart.”

Walmart’s support for transitioning military veterans and their families extends into programs that provide training, education and economic opportunity.

  •  Coalition for Veteran Owned Business: On May 5th, Walmart participated in the launch of the Coalition for Veteran Owned Business, which will work to create opportunities for veteran and military-family owned businesses with American businesses and supply chains.
  •  Walmart’s U.S. Manufacturing Summit and Open Call: Walmart is also specifically encouraging military and veteran-owned businesses to apply for its annual U.S. Manufacturing Summit and Open Call to be held July 7-8, 2015 in Bentonville, AR. The summit and open call will provide an opportunity to meet with Walmart’s buyers and facilitate meetings for current and potential suppliers with key state economic development officials.

“There are thousands of veterans living in the City of San Diego. After serving our country, every one of them deserves the opportunity to continue serving their communities,” said San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. “The number of veterans hired is a testament to the abilities of these extraordinary men and women, and I commend Walmart for empowering these individuals to continue the mission at home.”

In 2014, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation committed to veterans by pledging $20 million through 2019 to support veteran employment and transition programs. This pledge was made after Walmart and the Walmart Foundation successfully reached a 2011 commitment of $20 million by 2015 to help veterans and their families get through those challenges with assistance from programs that provide job training, transition support and education.

For more information about Walmart’s Veterans Welcome Home Commitment please visit: www.walmartcareerswithamission.com and follow on Twitter @WalmartVeterans.

* These projections and reported hires/promotions include veterans hired under our original and expanded Commitment as well as other veterans hired by Walmart in this time frame. While we think it is particularly important to support soldiers as they make the transition to civilian life, Walmart believes all veterans deserve our respect and support, no matter when they left active duty.