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Newborn Discovered During Probation Checks in Fallbrook

Fallbrook CA— San Diego County Sheriff’s Fallbrook Substation Crime Suppression Team, Detectives, and Probation Officers conducted compliance checks on twelve Fallbrook residents. All of the compliance checks were on early-release probationers and those on formal probation who were identified through crime and intelligence analysis as likely to re-offend.

At one compliance check of a chronic, drug flop-house in the 500 block of Ammunition Road, a woman had just given birth to a baby girl. The mother, a drug user, with recent arrests for drug-related offenses, gave birth in the home with neither a doctor nor midwife present and disposed of the afterbirth in the trash. Paramedics were called to medically evaluate the infant.

The mother and baby were driven by ambulance to Palomar Hospital for further evaluation. Hospital staff estimated the baby to be between twelve and fifteen hours old.

Once cleared by the hospital, the baby will be released into foster care. The Sheriff’s Department and Child Protective Services are investigating the welfare of the child and considering criminal charges against the mother.

Also during the checks, four suspects, Victor Reyes, 25, Pasqual Perez, 21, Julias Keeler, 31, and Roberto Baltazar, 20, were arrested for probation violations and Guadalupe, 27, was arrested for being in possession of drug paraphernalia.

After completing the compliance checks, the deputies and Probation Officers conducted a directed patrol in the Fallbrook area where fifteen field interviews were written on potential criminal subjects.

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