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Off-Roaders Find Couple Missing Since Mothers Day

Warner Springs CA— Dianna Bedwell and Cecil Knutson had been missing since May 11, 2015 [Link]. On Sunday, May 24th, at about 2:30 p.m., off-road enthusiasts traveling in a very remote area of northeastern San Diego County happened upon a vehicle that was stranded along a dirt road. When they investigated closer, they discovered an elderly couple inside the vehicle. The male occupant was deceased but the female occupant, who has been confirmed to be Dianna Bedwell, was found alive but in serious condition.

The off-roaders contacted the Los Coyotes Tribal authorities who in turn responded to the vehicle and assisted in the rescue of the Dianna Bedwell and called for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. Bedwell was evacuated to a local hospital for treatment of her injuries including severe dehydration.

Sheriff’s homicide investigators responded to the hospital and were able to obtain a brief statement from Bedwell. The preliminary investigation indicates that the couple became lost soon after leaving the casino while attempting to find a shortcut to their ultimate destination. They remained with their vehicle until ultimately found.

According to relatives, Knutson and Bedwell had planned to drive to their son’s residence in La Quinta in Riverside County for Mother’s Day and contacted authorities when they never arrived.

The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office must still confirm the identity of the male, as well as, the cause and manner of death.

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