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Reap and Sow owner Cyan Trujillo

‘Reap and Sow’ A Natural in South O’side

Oceanside CA— A sustainable lifestyle mercantile is not something you would expect someone with a degree in aviation management and a background in Hollywood film production to open but that is a description of Cyan Trujillo. Cyan is the owner of Reap and Sow, 1830 South Coast Highway, in Oceanside

Cyan and her husband Richard have lived in Oceanside for 17 years “I just felt like it was a good time” explained Cyan, “I always wanted to open up something on Coast Highway. Sustainability, Eco-friendly products and organics are definitely my passion.”

The shop originally opened on January 17, 2015 as Go Eco Mercantile “but that name just wasn’t working.” explains Cyan, “Everybody seems to have a connection with Reap and Sow. People believe in Karma and you reap what you sow or the law of compensations. The name connects with people and it resonates with me.”

Cyan wants the store to be like the old General Store in the Mercantile tradition selling clean, organic and sustainability products. “We sell everything from wellness and beauty to homesteading, canning, fermenting, bee keeping and water harvesting.”


Veriditas Botanicals essential oils

Essential Oils are another part of the Reap and Sow inventory. “Everything that is going to promote do it yourself wellness.” said Cyan.

The oils are from Veriditas Botanicals which is the only essential oil company in the United States with the ECOCERT certification. “These can actually be sold in Europe which has much more stringent organic guidelines than we do.” Cyan explained. “These can be taken internally and there is a lot of support information that I hand out which includes wellness formulas, for people who aren’t very familiar with them, so they can use the oils safely.”

Reap and Sow offers a variety of health and beauty products including items like deodorants without aluminum or toothpaste with activated charcoal to whiten your teeth. “Just a new way of shopping, a new way of consuming that you can do yourself and our prices are in line with the chain organic grocery stores, or lower.” Cyan continued “We have a line of skin and body care items where nothing is over $30.00 and then we have a higher end that you would expect to find at upscale department stores.”


A travel bag made from old bicycle inner tubes by Alchemy Goods. (Click on image to enlarge photo)

Reap and Sow has a line of fruit pigmented make-up along with some men’s lines of skin care products and cologne including Juniper Ridge.

Juniper Ridge formulates “Wilderness Perfumes” by extracting fragrances from wildflowers, bark, moss and tree trimmings and distills them while out on the trail. The products are named for the areas they were collected. “It’s kind of a unisex cologne.” said Cyan.

Another line is produced by Alchemy Goods. They make men’s and women’s accessories like bags, purses and cases, from used bicycle inner tubes.

A rain barrel attached to a down spout in front of Reap and Sow (click on image to enlarge photo)

A rain barrel attached to a down spout in front of Reap and Sow (click on image to enlarge photo)

The clothing sold at Reap and Sow is made of organic or Eco-friendly fibers such as tencel, organic cotton and hemp. “They’re Fair Trade and hand sown in Los Angeles.” continued Cyan “We are very conscious of what we’re bringing into the store and the ethos of the companies we’re buying from.”

What may seem an odd item with California in the midst of a drought, Reap and Sow is selling water harvesting rain barrels. “They are food grade, used, barrels that we wash out and sell for $75.00. The State of California is offering a rebate of $75.00 each for up to four rain barrels so basically all you pay is the tax.” They offer two types of barrels, with or without a spigot. “I know people think it’s funny to sell rain barrels because it never rains here but they really fill up fast. You have to dust of your algebra but you’re taking the entire surface area of the roof and funneling it into a small spot.” People also use the rain barrels for gray water collection.

Cyan likes to have products produced locally for her store. ‘Nibble’ a chocolate from San Diego and ‘Skoy’ kitchen products out of Encinitas are a few examples. “Skoy has a wood cellulose product that replaces paper towels.” explains Cyan, “each rectangular sheet of the Skoy cloth replaces fifteen rolls of paper towels.”

There are gift items available created by local artists including Richard Trujillo, Cyans husband. Richard does high-end lathe work and has been featured in some of the Laguna Canyon art festivals.

Cyan said her next project is a do-it-yourself tea and herb wall so people can mix their own medicinal teas.
Some of the items may be unfamiliar to some people so Cyan plans to have classes available to support the community and she has books for sale as well. Keeping with being a community shop, she is working on scheduling art shows and poetry slams.

Reap and Sow hosts a monthly ‘Crop Swap’ where Oceanside neighbors can swap non GMO, wild-crafted, organic (no insecticides, pesticides, or synthetic enhancers) produce. “We are moving towards a co-op with the monthly ‘Crop Swap’ and we may make it a weekly event during the summer.” said Cyan. Currently, the Crop Swap takes place on the third Saturday of the month from 9:00am- 11:00am.

The hours at Reap and Sow are 10:00am-6:00pm Wednesday through Saturday. 11:00am-3:00pm on Sunday. “Monday and Tuesday are by luck or appointment.”

A true neighborhood shopkeeper, Cyan recently opened her shop at 9:00pm for a customer who called her for some essential oils that she needed right away.

The website for Reap and Sow is under development but you can find them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/reapandsowonline