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Quench Your Thirst for Colorful Creativity at ArtBeat’s Mandalas and Mimosas

Vista CA— Contemplate. Meditate. Create. ArtBeat on Main Street’s Gallery and Wine Lounge 330 Main Street in the heart of downtown Vista offers a colorful way to relax and reset on Sunday afternoons with the two “M’s” of Mandalas & Mimosas before the oft-hectic third “M” of Monday rolls around.

Pam Becraft (courtesy photo) click on image to enlarge photo

Pam Becraft (courtesy photo) click on image to enlarge photo

The 12:30-3:30 pm, drop-in workshops, which are more like informal, fun playshops, are taught by Vista artist and ArtBeat member Pam Becraft, whose whimsical, original artwork recently won the Vista Strawberry Festival Poster Contest. Anyone 21 years old and up can create their own mandala from scratch or color one using crayons, colored pencils, markers and embellishments. The cost is $12 for a large mandala and $8 for a small mandala. The price includes a plethora of supplies, including a variety of mandala designs (some of which are original Becraft grids), collage materials, Becraft’s professional instruction and inspiration, and of course a mimosa.

Participants proclaim Mandalas & Mimosas a rejuvenating mini-vacation for mind, body and spirit. That is by design, explains ArtBeat owner Kait Matthews. She says, “A mandala is a sacred circle representing wholeness, unity and eternity. It harmonizes the opposites within us, drawing us back to its center, the source of life. Working on your mandala is a mindful activity that you can enjoy by yourself or with friends.”

Becraft says, “Anyone can create a mandala and everyone can enjoy the meditative aspect of creation. There is no right or wrong. Time ceases to exist. What you’re pursuing is not the finished product, but the overall experience. The ‘childlike’ process of sitting and coloring a circular symbol of life frees up your subconscious to solve any problems that have been clogging your mind.”

Matthews agrees, adding, “Sipping a mimosa enhances your pleasure and relaxation. All in all, it’s a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon!”

ArtBeat on Main Street co-op gallery and wine lounge is located  330 Main Street in downtown Vista. It is open Tuesday, 11:00am- 8:00pm, Wednesday–Saturday, 11:00am-9:30pm,  and Sunday, Noon-4:30pm. For information, visit www.artbeatonmainstreet.com, find us on Facebook or discover Vista’s creative vibe in person. To learn about gallery partnering opportunities, including space rentals, email info@artbeatonmainstreet.com.