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Artists and Surfers Drop in to SHACC for Opening of “This is Not Surf Art”

San Clemente CA— Artists and surfers converged on the Surfing Heritage & Culture Center (SHACC) on Saturday, June 27th for the opening of the new exhibit, “This is Not Surf Art.”

The show is a diverse collection of work in a variety of media, created by 15 talented artists: Kevin Ancell, Wolfgang Bloch, Casper Brindle, Ben Brough, Gomez Bueno, Alex Couwenberg, Jim Evans, Ned Evans, David Lloyd, Melinda Morey, Andy Moses, Mele Saili, Kate Sikorsky, C.R. Stecyk, and Alex Weinstein.

“In addition to being outstanding artists, many of the participants in the show are also excellent surfers,” said Barry Haun, Creative Director/Curator at SHACC.

According to Greg Escalante, co-founder of Juxtapoz Art Magazine, who wrote an introduction to the exhibit, every surfer is creative by nature.

“Surfing is a highly creative activity. It’s just as much an art form as it is a sport. The best surfers are very creative. They have to be, as each day, swell, lighting, wind conditions and waves are different. While riding a wave, a surfer strings together one creative solution after another and is usually rather obsessed by the entire process.”

“The new exhibit is a departure from our recent shows, said Paul Strauch, SHACC’s Executive Director. “It’s our first show in quite some time in which surfing and surfboards are not the focal points. We’re very pleased to present our members and visitors this opportunity to immerse themselves in fine art.”

Saturday night’s artist reception also featured live, slack key guitar music performed by Richard Knight, appetizers from Daphne’s California Greek restaurants, wines from Longboard Vineyards, beers from San Clemente based Left Coast Brewing Co., and water from Hawaiian Springs Water.

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