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MiraCosta College Alumnus to Launch Social Networking Site

Oceanside CA— MiraCosta College alumnus Jarrett Rogers has announced the launch of Synabo, the very first social networking site to bring mentors and mentees together. The site will serve as a platform for students wanting to learn a particular profession, skillset, and/or hobby from professionals who are already in the field.

“Synabo will be particularly beneficial to educational institutions because it will allow students to connect with mentors in their desired fields,” said Rogers. “In addition, it creates a way for institutions to connect with their alumni for the sole purpose of reinvesting their experiences, expertise and guidance into the present student body.”

The idea of Synabo, a word created to fuse synergy and collaboration, begun during Rogers’ time at MiraCosta College. While researching for a career project, he stumbled upon a statistic that showed only 27 percent of graduates earn a job in the field in which they majored.

“I thought, ‘What message is this sending to everyone coming after them?’ My younger siblings or cousins may see this and think college is not really worth it,” said Rogers. “I believe college is definitely worth it so I created Synabo to advocate for that other 73 percent.”

Rogers ultimately hopes to put an end to statements like “I never had a mentor,” or “I wish I knew someone who was a professional in that field.”

Synabo is scheduled to launch in late June 2016.

For more information, contact Jarrett Rogers at Jarrett@Synabo.com or visit www.Synabo.com .