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Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Mandatory Vaccines

Carlsbad CA— A Community Town Hall meeting will take place in Carlsbad on Tuesday July 14, 2015, discussing the new laws on mandatory vaccinations and how it affects your family, job and future. The Town Hall meeting is open to the public and will take place in the Calavera Hills Community Center, 2997 Glasgow Dr. at 6:30pm.

Local medical, educational, political and organizational professionals will be speaking about the new laws that have passed and are being passed in the California legislature.

SB277, SB792 and AB1117 will be mandating vaccinations on the CDC vaccine schedules for children and adults. Children will have to receive every vaccine on the schedule if they want to attend any school at any age or be homeschooled. Adults with a career in early childhood education will have to receive every vaccine on the adult CDC schedule in order to keep their job.

If you have state insurance, you and your family will have to comply to the CDC vaccination schedule in order to retain your insurance plan. The State and CDC can alter and increase vaccine schedules anytime they deem necessary. We will discuss how this will affect people and families.

The Town Hall panel of professionals and political representatives from San Diego County. Orange County Healthy Choice California Coalition representative Melissa Floyd, San Diego based attorney Ray Flores II.

In addition, there will be a question and answer session following the discussion with the local medical professionals, teachers, political official’s representative, attorneys and organization professionals.