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Children Returned after Amber Alert

Oceanside CA – In an incident which began July 27, 2015 at 4:03 p.m. with the possible abduction of two young children, the Oceanside Police Department is very pleased to announce the incident has culminated peacefully with the return of both children and the arrest of the suspect.

Officers responded to the 500 block of Greenbrier Drive yesterday to a report of a female domestic violence victim who was running down the street and trying to hide from her husband.

The incident began at their apartment in the 2300 block of Greenbrier Drive, stemming from an argument over dirty laundry. The suspect, Daijon West, assaulted the victim, Amber Brittian. Brittian managed to flee the residence. West tried to follow her, but she managed to hide from him behind parked vehicles.

When a Good Samaritan stopped and asked Brittian if she needed help, West threatened the person and the person drove away. West then brandished a rifle at Brittian who managed to run away again.

West then drove away, taking his 9 year old son and Brittian’s 10 year old son with him.

An Oceanside Police officer made phone contact with West and tried to get him to return the children. West refused. The officer even suggested West have a third party return the children, but West refused.

Acting on information developed during the investigation, Oceanside Police officials contacted the Long Beach Police Department and asked them to check for the suspect’s vehicle in the 800 block of Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach. Officers located the vehicle in the parking lot of the Colonial Motel at 802 E. Pacific Coast Highway. One of the children was inside the vehicle. They took the child into protective custody.

A short while later they made a phone call into West’s room at the motel. He came out and surrendered peacefully, bringing the other child with him.

The quick resolution of this incident is due to several factors. The media picked up this story early on and carried it. To them the Oceanside Police Department is grateful.

Many citizens who saw the news releases, reposted the news story on their own social media sites, spreading the story far and wide. The Oceanside Police Department is thankful to all who concerned about their fellow citizens and assisted in this way.

The men and women of the Long Beach Police Department were able to bring this incident to a peaceful resolution within their city. Their skill and patience safely ended this incident.

Many men and women of the Oceanside Police Department worked this case relentlessly from the time it began yesterday until it ended this morning around 4:30 a.m. in Long Beach, The suspect has been brought to the Oceanside Police Department along with the two children. The children will be released to Child Protective Services.

West will be booked at the Vista Detention Facility.Daijon West faces the following charges at this time:
PC 273.5 Felony spousal abuse
PC 417 Brandishing a firearm
PC 273a Felony child abuse
Daijon West’s date of birth is July 7, 1986.