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Four Suspects Arrested in Series of Armed Robberies

Oceanside CA— This morning, August 12, 2015,  at 5:00 a.m. officers and detectives of the Oceanside Police Department’s SWAT team, Special Enforcement Section, Neighborhood Policing Team, Property Crimes Unit, Family Protection Unit, Crimes of Violence Unit and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office served four search warrants in Vista and Oceanside.

The robberies occurred at the GameStop at 2535 Vista Way in Oceanside on August 5, 2015; the Oceanside Pharmacy at 3601 Vista Way on July 10, 2015; a GameStop in Vista in July; and, a Beauty Supply Store in Vista in March.

The robberies were takeover style, which included brandishing firearms at the victims, tying the victims up, and forcing the victims to move to other rooms or offices in the building.

These warrants were the culmination of the recent “takeover” armed robberies at two locations in Oceanside and two locations in Vista.  This morning investigators conducted searches of the residences and have located stolen property from the robberies in each of the residences.  All four suspects (Adults) wanted in connection with these crimes have been placed under arrest and were transported to the Oceanside Police Department for questioning.

Evidence was located at each residence which connects the four suspects to the crimes. The suspects were also placed at the scenes by independent witnesses. No weapons have been recovered as of this time. Gang involvement is not suspected.

The warrants were served in the following areas: 3400 block of Los Mochis Way in Oceanside; 4000 block of Craven Road in Oceanside; 200 block of Avalon Drive in Vista, and 1800 block of Christi Drive in Vista. They were served without adverse incident and no one was injured.


  • Timothy Williamson of Oceanside – DOB: November 10, 1994
  • Jaleil Thomas of Vista – DOB: October 30, 1993
  • John Gonzales of Vista – DOB: October 2, 1993
  • Lucas Gravelle of Oceanside – DOB: April 30, 1994



Williamson, Thomas, and Gonzales were all arrested for:

  • PC 211 – armed robbery
  • PC 459 – burglary
  • PC 182 – conspiracy to commit robbery
  • PC 496 – possession of stolen property

Gravelle was arrested for PC 496 – possession of stolen property.

The investigation is ongoing.