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MiraCosta College Instructor Wins Second Chun Kuk Do World Championship

Oceanside CA— MiraCosta College instructor Dr. Robert Fulbright achieved his second Chun Kuk Do championship at July’s Chun Kuk Do World Championship presented by the United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF) in Las Vegas.

“Despite most of the contestants being younger and much faster than he is at this point in his life, he entered the competition,” said Mike Deschamps, accounting instructor and colleague. “But as they say, old age and guile will always beat youth and exuberance!”

Fulbright beat competitors decades younger, making him one of the oldest champions in the sport.

 “To come full-circle and win the world championship again in front of Chuck Norris and have him present the ‘Norris Cup’ to me was absolutely amazing and felt so good!” said Fulbright. “I was a little worried about competing with the young guys because they are so incredibly fast, so I had to rely more on strategy and experience.”

 Fulbright is a seventh-degree black belt, the 1988 World Karate Champion and was on the 1992 Olympic tae kwon do team.

“I have been physically active since I could walk,” said Fulbright, who at the age of 16 received his black belt from Chuck Norris. “I have dedicated my whole life to health and fitness.”

Fulbright holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in kinesiology/exercise physiology from Cal State Northridge and a doctorate in educational technology management and online learning from Northcentral University.

Fulbright teaches kinesiology, health and nutrition courses at MiraCosta College and oversees MiraCosta’s Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Program, Yoga Certification Program, and Massage Therapy Certification Program.

Fulbright won his first chun kuk do world championship 30 years ago at the age of 18. Chun kuk do is a Korean-based, American hybrid martial art style founded by Chuck Norris in 1990.