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The Four New Agreements for Leaders and Managers Seminar

Sustainable Organizational Transformation Made Fast, Simple & Easy

Oceanside CA— Dibble LEADERS is offering a FREE 90 minute introduction to a remarkable new body of knowledge, The Four New Agreements for Leaders and Managers. The fast paced presentation, Q & A and networking opportunity will be facilitated by David Dibble, creator of The Four New Agreements for Leaders and Managers and its now proven implementation strategy. Areas that will be covered are:

  • The Four Agreements at Work, The Four New Agreements at Work.
  • New set of user friendly systems-based leadership and management tools.
  • Amazing cases studies of implementation of this body of knowledge.


The free presentation will also be a warm-up for those attending the 1-day workshop, The Four New Agreements for Leaders and Managers, the following day, also at the QLN Conference Center.

When: Tuesday September 15, 2015
Where: QLN Conference Center, 1938 Avenida del Oro, Oceanside, CA 92056,
Curie Room (Park in the back.)
Time: 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Dibble LEADERS is a consulting and training company that has developed over a 25- year history a new, systems-based leadership and management model it believes dramatically outperforms legacy models. The company, which has proved this model over time in the real world of business both large and small, is now teaching others to implement The Four New Agreements Model in their own businesses or as internal or external consultants and trainers.

David Dibble, CEO of the company, feels this new model is meant to create so much additional value in businesses around the world that we will be able to resolve the seemingly intractable problems facing our businesses, our communities, and our world. David often quotes Albert Einstein, “We can’t solve our problems with the same level of consciousness used to create them.” David reminds us, “To become great leaders and managers, we must become systems thinkers and more conscious leaders and managers. It’s not enough to do one or the other. We must become both”

Dibble LEADERS and New Agreements, Inc., its corporate entity, have been headquartered in San Diego since 1993 and have strong ties to America’s Finest City. Much of the company’s work has been done in healthcare organizations, including hospitals large and small, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The company also has had great success in service businesses and resuscitating underperforming Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Sigma or other quality improvement programs.

To learn more visit www.4newagreements4leaders.com, or call Robert at (414) 430-5151

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